Assassin’s creed brotherhood Review

Assassin’s Creed II gained the attention of many gamers in the last year. It’s original conception, new mechanics, variety in the game play and compelling new environment have made this the worthy sequel in all respects.

Assassin’s creed brotherhood has taken its time to get the reputation of what it deserves, and face harder time to verify the worth. Rather jumping onto the entirely new concept, its events are related to the Assassin’s Creed II. This time they have decided to choose the Rome as the active place. In this pack, you will also see the newest component like in the previous version. This game is all about the war between the Templars and Assassins; the players can think themselves a Desmond and can enter into the memories of their ancestors with the help of the device named Animus. The gameplay is divided into two different time periods, but the main area is the renaissance Rome.

Ubisoft Montreal has claimed that there are several innovations and evolutions factors in the assassin’s creed brotherhood which keeps the gameplay diverse and innovative. This article will assist in finding wither this version has enough content and quality as compared to the Assassin’s Creed II.

Assassin’s Creed II ends with some interesting situations, like challenging the Rodrigo Borgia and blowing his brains far-beneath the Vatican. The story of the assassin’s creed brotherhood starts with the Ezio’s action to get some felicitous R&R. Rodrigo Borgia’s son is ready to launch a full attack. Ezio seems weak as the villa in Monteriggioni is demolished.

Ezio will travel to the Room, fearless and determined, and willing to pay the Cesare. This city has twelve districts and a Borgia tower to supervise them impeccably. The assassination of the tower’s Captain is necessary because as long as the tower stands it is difficult to free the people from the repression. You will have to do this to gain the privilege of the people to do craft activities and perform other actions.

This will allow the Ezio to restore banks, blacksmiths, and stables in the same way as he did with the Monteriggioni in the last version. The Ezio will get perks on opening more shops than others. For instance, the number of the trailers will determine the ease in carrying the knives and other valuable items. One defeating each of the tower you will see the assassin apprentice slot and a lot more on destroying further.

The Borgia towers are the key factors of the assassins creed brotherhood and also the focal point to take down the Cesar. Don’t just think about destroying the tower, there is another way to capture the Brotherhood, just concentrate on earning the income, reduce the numbers of Borgia guards around the city, and get the apprentice assassins.

You will also see the Leonardo da Vinci in the ally, and his goal is to provide the weapon for the Ezio. The gameplay of the assassins creed brotherhood is just phenomenal and convincing, but you will find some similarities with the previous versions if you have experienced it in depth.

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