The secrets of guest posting to earn the quality backlinks

If you are working on the backlink strategy of your site, the guest posting will be one of your priorities. Guest posting is a brilliant way to build high page rank and it will also help to redirect copious organic traffic to your site. Guest posting is not easy as walking in the part, it involves some tactics and serious skills. The consistency in this work is essential; you can’t afford to lose the attention on your niche.

This article will help you to boost up your guest posting campaign.

Things to do:

Here are some essential things you have to do in order to earn the quality backlinks by guest posting.

  • It is only your interest in their niche that can coerce them to allow you to write.
  • Don’t choose the topic in urgency, you should ask their opinion about the topic you want to choose or write on the topic of their choice.
  • You can convince them by showing your previous work; the better communication is always a key in this situation.
  • Following up the administration of the blog is a better idea; you can sort out easily through the several guest posts they come across every day.
  • You should always respect their energy and the time, don’t ever lose your patience.
  • Don’t loss temperament, they have the right to reject your article, they are the real owner of the site and they can reject or choose your contents.
  • Don’t forget to thank if they are happy with your contents.
  • You should always send ready to eat articles, don’t hesitate to do any kind of amendment in your content that can make their work easy.
  • Think creative and always be consistent, guest posting not only a one night stand but could earn you the reflective backlinks.
  • Your aim should be to help readers, always focus on providing the quality contents.
  • Your content should be well researched; you can achieve the quality by putting up your data in the form of bars, charts and images. This technique will elaborate your idea in a better way.
  • Make the article size big as you can, the word count should be more than 500, the less you write more is the chance of rejection.
  • Don’t forget to proofread, edit and re-edit your article, this is a time consuming task but it is more than essential.
  • It is essential to study thoroughly the website you are pitching to.

Things to avoid:

The secrets of guest posting to earn the quality backlinks

  • Making an email template for every website is not a good idea; you should consider their interests and actions while personalizing.
  • Make your content free from any grammatical and spelling mistake.
  • Avoid flattering; always relies on providing the genuine content.
  • You can hurt your reputation by using the fake profile or bio; there is a huge chance of getting rejected by the administration of that website.
  • Getting the Google Authorship is a good step toward earning the trust of the readers; people always like to read only authenticated authors.
  • It is bad to write on the topic of your choice without getting the opinion of the administration.
  • Don’t limit yourself to only the niche of your choice. Explore the other in-topics and broaden the horizon of your creative sense.

The reward of the guest posting

Your quality content will help you to earn the trust; it is the first step towards building stronger relationship with other bloggers. The relationship building should be your first and foremost priority.

Guest posting and relationships

You can achieve a strong relationship by commenting, answering their question on your post and even simpler like can have a deep impact on the relationship.

Guest posts and the backlinks
A backlink is one of the main reasons why every blog owner looking to post content on the other’s blogs. Remember, you should ask the owner politely to add at least one link to your site.
The secrets of guest posting to earn the quality backlinks
This blog is also offering a splendid opportunity for the guest bloggers.

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