DreamHost Promo Codes 2013

DreamHost Promo Codes 2013

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Dreamhost-Special Web Hosting For Your Site

DreamHost Promo Codes 2013

Dreamhost was developed in 1997 by four Computer Science undergraduates. Since then this Company has grown to become one of the biggest players in the web hosting business. The Company has full-time employees over 50 people, and they have hosted at least 500,000 domains. The Company despite its rapid growth has not shunned itself from being focused on the customer.

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Features and Pricing Of DreamHost Hosting Plan

If you compare the plans and pricing of DreamHost you will find there are 4 different web hosting plans that are shared at various points. The prime difference between the plans lies in the disk space and the quotas of bandwidths that are provided.

Dreamhost Control Panel

The admin panel that has been provided by DreamHost is not an off-the-shelf commercial product like a cPanel. DreamHost has its own customized admin panel. This panel is a bit of a culture shock for people that come from other hosts. Once you become familiar with the DreamHost custom panel there is a certain level of functionality and ease of service that you get. This panel administers any job you have to do. This includes management of bills for your account, creation of email addresses, installation of software, registration of domains to configuration of DNS. All this can be done via the above panel without any kind of hassles at all. For individuals who love doing their tasks manually DreamHost tends to give them the chance with full shelf access in all accounts.

DreamHost Pros

Thanks to its customer loyalty in the web hosting industry even in times of trouble customers come together to protect it. The issues that arise may crop up due to the irrational attitude of those people administering the company. It also displays a high level of transparency especially when things tend to go downside. This is reflected in the official company blog and the hilarious newsletter. It is clear that hosting over 500,000 domains needs high-quality equipment and the data center at DreamHost comprise of hundreds of multi-CPU servers that run on the Debian Linux that is sufficient for the task. This data center also boosts of a UPS system with a back-up generator and some redundant gigabit connections to the Internet.

Dreamhost Cons

There is one thing that DreamHost does not support and that are you cannot make an easy to use page. You need to create the website locally on the computer and subsequently upload files that are relevant to the web space of DreamHost. Along with this you are able to take advantage of the installation feature at a single click of the admin panel.

Is DreamHost Reliable?

When it comes to its reputation for reliability, DreamHost shares a good one. The reliability is excellent in the first few months, and we faced good results when we tested the hosting with our test website. However in the last few months DreamHost the data centre at DreamHost has faced a number of issues that have resulted in the whole DreamHost network getting off the line for a long duration-even our test site was not reachable for some hours, but overall, its uptime is 100% and you will rarely encounter such a situation in your whole life. So don’t wait and sign up to DreamHost now.


It is true that DreamHost may have its down times but to be honest and just to them we must take into account that modern warnings were given to customers. The downtime is mainly because of planned maintenance ‘however’ this does not justify an outage. Customers can get extremely frustrated when websites like missing in action. DreamHost tends to go above in data center issues by taking the complaints of their customers actually. They are transparent and this makes them safe as a web hosting center. They keep their customers updated explaining where they had gone wrong.

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